Viva Visit March 2015 Invite


Get Involved With WeViva

Join us for a tour of WeViva at one of our Viva Visits, and learn how your donations provide free and accessible fitness and nutrition programs for people in low-income neighbourhoods. Learn More!

Who We Are

WeViva is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable fitness and nutrition programs to people in low-income communities. We target adults in the communities and provide the classes on-site and completely free of charge. WeViva is a team of bilingual, certified, group fitness instructors and nutritionists who go where we’re needed the most. Our classes are conducted by professional fitness instructors and nutritionists and have anywhere from 10-60 participants in each class. Our classes are held onsite at apartment complex or communities, so participants do not have to travel to our classes. Contact us if you want a fitness class in your community.

What We Do

We conduct Zumba, Yoga, Strength Training and Nutrition classes every weekday at 18 different locations, providing 32 classes per week, in the Austin area. WeViva is also able to provide childcare at some locations. Basically, we provide mobile fitness and nutritional programs, and all the health benefits that go with them, regardless of income and socio-economic status. Regardless of whether we are teaching in apartment complexes, schools, medical facilities, parks, or churches, WeViva benefits the entire community. Contact us if you want a fitness class in your community.

Why WeViva?

Low-income minority individuals, especially Hispanic adults, have significantly higher rates of obesity and diabetes than the general population. By encouraging healthy eating and fitness in at-risk communities, WeViva aims to reverse that trend and your donations help us achieve it.

Our Community

We would like to thank our generous donors, supporters, and community partners Foundation Communities, Southwest Key Programs, East Austin Children’s Promise, The City of Austin, AGE of Central Texas and I Live Here, I Give Here, for encouraging personal philanthropy in Austin. Without you, WeViva wouldn’t be possible.

City of Austin Southwest Key Programs

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