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What Our Participants Are Saying

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“I live at one of the apartments where WeViva Zumba classes take place. I cannot really tell you how much I have appreciated Zumba being available to me. I am a stay-at-home/homeschool mom of two boys.  I live a lower-income lifestyle because my 11-year-old son’s disability requires me to homeschool him. It is very hard on my mental health to not work out because I am a long-time runner. Fitness classes that have childcare services and is right downstairs literally saved my life in 2013. WeViva has truly been a positive part of my life.”

L. Payne

(In response to the July 2014 story in Austin Fit Magazine), Austin Fit Magazine

“I have been taking the Zumba class for weeks now at the KIPP South location and it helped me a lot because I have Diabetes, high cholesterol and stress. I started to sleep much better since the zumba classes and I dont feel tired or without energy. My mood has improved very much because I’m not angry all the time, now I feel myself with more energy, happy and motivated! I have new friends in the class and everyone wants to keep this class for much more time because it helped us a lot. Now we are happy that it is Monday or Wednesday because it is Zumba day. Thank you WeViva for making this possible and thank you KIPP. Please never stop your mission.”

Participant at KIPP

“You have given me the opportunity to know that it is not too late to begin any type of exercise and to learn new ways to eat healthy food. I am now applying this to my family. We now dance everytime we have a chance. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Parent at KIPP Austin Public Schools

“Through the WeViva program, I feel good about everything. I have high blood pressure and now I am feeling very well. It was good for me and I feel healthy.”

Resident at Sierra Vista Apartment Complex

“My goal was to feel good and I achieved that through WeViva. I am satisfied. Thank you for the bringing us the exercise classes.” Resident at Sierra Vista Apartment Complex

“My health has gotten better and I’m not so stressed anymore. I have more energy and no more headaches.”

Mrs. Gonzalez

Mother of Son in 3rd Grade and Daughter in 7th Grade

“I bought seaweed at the supermarket and am so excited because it’s so good for you and it tastes so good. I would have never tried it before.”

Participant at Posada Esperanza

“I roasted vegetables for my kids on Saturday and was excited to learn that the kids loved it!”

Participant at Posada Esperanza

“My favorite parts of the classes were the friendly and knowledgeable instructors. They always take extra time to modify different parts of the work out to minimize injury. They were also very upbeat.” Parent at KIPP Austin Public Schools

“Since joining the Zumba class at Houston Elementary my knee feels much better and I have more energy.”

Mrs. Ortiz

Mother of Daughter in Pre-K

“I love the zumba class and when I move out next week, I am going to get a recording of the moves on my phone so I can keep doing it at my new place!” Participant at Posada Esperanza

“Since starting Zumba at Houston I feel much better, have more energy, and I’ve lost 10lbs!”

Mrs. Fuentes

Mother of Daughter in 4th Grade

“I learned how to dance, have more energy, and lost 10 lbs. because of Zumba!”

Mrs. Enriquez

“I love to do Zumba! My health is much better and I’ve lost 27 lbs!”

Mrs. Perez

“Zumba has helped me get rid of my headaches and I’ve lost 14 lbs!” Mrs. Rodriguez

Mother of Daughter in Pre-K

“Zumba has helped me reduce my stress and I have more energy to spend with my son.” Mrs. Saldana

Mother of Son in Kindergarten and 2 month old